Kitchen Storming – Part 1

Okay first and foremost, OURSTICKYSTORY is now MARRIED! Wedding planning wasn’t a breeze but neither was there any pull hair, maki maki, nangis baling barang moments. There were painful days for sure. What do you expect when there is a man and there is a woman, and their priorities don’t align. In fact, our priorities never align in many other areas including the H.O.U.S.E. R.E.N.O.V.A.T.I.O.N.

So the purpose of this blog really is to pin my thoughts and ideas somewhere because a girl can dream righhhtt? Fingers cross hubs would at least agree to some! Not like he will disagree to most but he always got a lot of questions you knowwww..

Why you want like that?
Where are you planning to put this?
How do you want to arrange this?
You really think there is space?
Is it a need or a want?

But he meant well, I AM SURE. Haha no really, he does. We just have different perspective and approach in life.

We started off discussing about the kitchen last night. Don’t ask me why kitchen. It shall be my second fav place and first being my mum’s (because over there always got food and I just have to eat hahaha). Came across quite an interesting idea on Qanvast which I need to share, also for future reference. Our house will only siap end 2018 and yes, I is kanchiong to research siang siang. Actually hubs more kanchiong because he made me do all this when I was on 2 days sick leave! Tak kasi chance nak tdo nie anak. But anyways…

Good idea kan!?


Source: Qanvast

I think it’s really smart to have a glass door separator and extend the cabinet outwards. Solves our tak cukup storage space and counter top area. But kan.. If like that, dinning table want to put where eh? Hmm..

Can don’t need dining table, anot?


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