Kitchen Storming – Part 2

Source: Qanvast

Can’t get enough of this layout. Really guys. The glass door as separator is brilliant. But enough Shikin. Time to consider others too.

I was telling Izhar maybe we should consider merging the service yard and kitchen. Opening it up would give the illusion of a slightly bigger kitchen, yes? He wasn’t so keen at first because mama’s service yard is where the washing machine, brooms, etc are and to have it open is to exhibit an unsightly view. Until I showed him this picture then he agreed that it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. But being the nitty gritty person that he is, the problem now is…

The toilet’s window is is the frigging kitchen!
(see bottom right picture)


It wasn’t quite an issue to me since the toilet window is right next to the kitchen window. All we need is a good ventilation aka fan. Toilets for mansionette (read: ibu’s house) also have the toilet window in their kitchen/balcony and honestly, we never really smell anything.

Though I have to admit that the favourable option is not to have the window in the kitchen. 😦


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